Customize Your Tour

The tours shown here are just a sample of some of our most popular educational tour programs, but they are only the beginning of what Feat Travel has to offer.

We want to help customize a tour to your specifications!

Would you like to see Niagara Falls? How about explore the best of Canada? What about spending a few days in Philadelphia learning first-hand about the birth of the United States? Are you teaching about the Civil War and want to focus on famous American battlefields? With Feat Travel everything is possible.

We know that every school district is different. Also, different subject areas have different academic goals. We specialize in designing tours to match the core course curriculum objectives of your school district.

So whether you are interested in history, marine biology, literature, aeronautics, finance, marketing, or university tours, we would be honored to prepare an educational tour program specifically tailored for you and your students.

When you allow us to customize your American cultural travel experience, your students will have an amazing time… and they will learn a lot too!