Small Business Saturday: A Salute To Our Very Unique Clients

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Today is “Small Business Saturday”. Feat Travel is a small business. But on this chilly Saturday in late November, you can’t just swing open our front door and buy what we’re selling from a cashier. Why not? Well… we’re just not that kind of a small business.

Which begs the question: what the heck does Feat Travel do?

The short answer: We’re an educational travel company, and we specialize in group travel.

What that normally looks like is us leading a group of 50-100 8th grade students to Washington D.C.. The students have usually traveled from somewhere within the United States, and Feat Travel has assisted the group with all of the logistical aspects of that journey.

Educational travel is cool, but it’s not like food.  You don’t need it to stay alive. And you can’t support us today like you could your local pizzeria. But if we as a society were to completely do away with educational travel, we would starve in a different way.

For example, physically going to the One World Trade in New York City forces humans to reflect on what they’re seeing with their eyes. Suddenly, a place with historical significance is not just a topic in a book. It becomes reality. History is given context, then it develops value. For all those who like to learn by experiencing things, educational travel is a Lamborghini on the information super highway.

So lets recap: You know who we are (Feat Travel). You know what we do (educational travel). And you know whom we do it for (students). So in order to make our business a success we need to sell these tours to a whole bunch of students, right?


Educational travel is tricky because the end benefactor is the student, but they are not the clients. Group leaders are our clients. They are adults, and they are normally educators of the social studies, science or history persuasions. Also, they are normally really extraordinary people.

Think about it; taking a massive group of students out of the classroom and into the wild goes against every modern conception of safety and logic. Conventional wisdom encourages our teachers and parents to stuff our children in an underground bunker so that they can never, ever be harmed. But our clients defy that logic by bringing them to the places on Earth where they can get a first-hand experience of history, culture and life.

Often times our clients have to literally argue with people to get their proposals for a trip approved. They have to overcome objections as to why this trip is necessary, and why its worth the time and money. They have to stand up and explain why this is better than simply being normal and staying in the classroom. And they don’t do it for money. They do it because they believe the students will benefit from it. They believe in educational travel.

Feat Travel was founded to support that belief, whoever may have it. Teachers, parents, administrators, it doesn’t matter. Our client is a leader of people who shares our ideals and is willing to make sacrifices for what they believe in. They are willing to put themselves and their reputations on the line so the next generation can have an epic experience that will turn into lifelong lessons for growth. I guess we may as well just come out and say it: Our clients are the coolest people in the world.

So on “Small Business Saturday”, where everyone is honoring small businesses like us, we want to honor the very unique clients we have that keep Feat Travel in business. The general public may not be able to walk into our store and buy what we’re selling today because if you’re really cut out to be a Feat Travel client, you’ve been sold on these ideas for years.

And if we’re talking about you: Thank you for your business!

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