Feat Travel’s African Safari: September 10-21st 2014

A long, long time ago one of Feat Travel’s Co-Founder’s, Steve worked for a very prominent cruise ship line.  While working on the ship he had a roommate, an African man by the name of Blessing. Their close quarters lead to a fast friendship and as a result, he and Blessing stayed in touch for years after their work on the cruise ship was done. Steve came back to the United States where he would eventually start Feat Travel, while Blessing returned to his home in Africa to start a travel and tourism company of his own.

Now Blessing and Feat Travel have combined forces to develop a way to share their love of travel with the people of the United States: Feat Travel is taking adventurous American travelers on a tour of Africa to be lead by none other than our main man: Blessing!

Two years ago in fact, Feat Travel launched a 10-day expedition to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The travelers stayed in everything from luxurious hotels in Johannesburg to the Chobe Safari Lodge. Look them up, they’re both magnificent. The gang went on game drives through Davisons Camp. They peered off the edge of the majestic Victoria Falls. They even went cage diving off the coast of South Africa, coming face to face with sharks that make Jaws look cuddly.

Here’s the deal people: Feat Travel is doing it again this year. We consider this an extension of our normal educational travel affairs. Let’s call it Fun, Exciting, African Tours shall we? From September 10-21st the trip you just read about is happening again. Do you have a hankering for wild adventures? Find a European vacation to be a little too bland-sounding? Then this trip is for you.

Here’s the OTHER deal people: because Blessing and Feat travel like each other, this trip is ridiculously inexpensive in comparison to normal African Safari prices: starting at $4,000 all-inclusive including airfare. We’re talking a round trip ticket, meals, activities and top-notch lodging (don’t worry, you’ll be treated to all the standards of living we’ve grown accustom to here in America). Go ahead, Google an 10-day all-inclusive African Safari and try to find a lower price. We dare you.

Now here’s the final deal everybody: Feat and Blessing can only offer this deal to a limited amount of people. Spots have been filling up and only a few remain. You know the deal. Get in touch with us. Email us at info@feattravel.com, message us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Its 2014, you can figure out how to get in touch. Just know its first come first serve.

Most importantly, if this has always been a dream of yours or a loved one, we love to be dream makers. Lets make everyone’s dreams come true and get you on this year’s jet plane to Johannesburg. We know you won’t regret it.

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