Why the Ivy League Tour? The Ballad of Mike

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In high school, my best friend was a genius. Let’s call him Mike. Mike took the hardest classes, got the highest grades and made it all look easy. It was actually annoying to be around. Looking back on it though, I realize that he just enjoyed learning. The rest of us were so distracted with other nonsense that our studies normally took a back seat.

So when the 11th grade rolled around, it became time for everyone in my class to think about which colleges they were going to apply to. That’s when Mike blew everyone away by applying to two Ivy League schools: Brown and Dartmouth University.

For those of you who don’t know, the Ivy League is a group of eight American universities that are widely considered to be some of the most prestigious in the entire world: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania and Columbia. All of these schools are concentrated in the northeastern region of the United States. Every year these schools take thousands of applications from around the world, select an agonizingly small fraction of the brightest, most promising students, then groom these over-achievers to be the next leaders of the free world.

So Mike sent in his applications, but not surprisingly was rejected by both universities. Was Mike really Ivy League material? Absolutely. He showed an unparalleled aptitude for learning at a ridiculously young age. If you put a brain like his in an environment like one of those universities, the results could have been astronomical (literally, the kid loved solving mind-bending mysteries of the universe).

So why am I here on the Feat Travel Blog singing the ballad Mike? Well, he made one fatal error in my opinion: He never visited the schools he was applying to. He never immersed himself in the environment he wanted to be in. He wasn’t able to visualize it. He couldn’t feel the reality of strolling the campus and sitting in the lecture halls. None of it was ever real to him. So it never became real.

Psychobabble aside, visiting the campuses can give you a very practical advantage too. You get to take the tours, read campus literature on admission processes and talk to actual students. If everything goes well you could even speak with admission advisors or make network connections too.

So, if you are like Mike, or if you’re like me and you’re best friends with someone like Mike…heck, even if you just know a Mike, pass along this information: This summer from July 20-27th we’re taking a very special group of prospective Ivy League students (and maybe a few best friends?) on the trip of a lifetime. We’re going to every single Ivy League school. That’s right: 8 days, 8 schools. On a charter bus. Meals. And a few historical landmarks along the way, because we’re Feat Travel and that’s what we do. Also, because we’re Feat Travel, we’ll have some of the best Tour Directors in the industry making it a lot of fun too. Why go with us? It will be fun, you’ll get to meet some cool people and we do all the legwork for you. No renting a car or reserving hotel rooms. You just sit back and soak in the Ivy League vibes. We can’t wait to see you there this summer. And in your Ivy League digs the following Fall.

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