FEAT’s 2014 Super Bowl Prediction:

How does Feat Travel predict the winner of the Super Bowl? Well, everyone here at Feat loves American football, so naturally we argue loudly about our opinions. But this year we decided to go a more sophisticated route. The only thing we take more seriously than football is educational travel. In fact, Feat Travel stands for Fun Educational American Tours.

So to predict the Super Bowl winner, we decided to compare the two contending cities based on the qualities that our company stands for. Which city is more fun? Seattle or Denver? Which city is more educational? Which is the greater American city? All that leads to which city we’d rather lead a tour in and thus will make it our Super Bowl prediction.


So settle in with your bean dip and mini sandwich platters… because we’re about to kick this thing off:


Fun: Denver, Colorado, located in the American Rocky Mountain range jumps out to a huge lead in this category. Downtown Denver is within about 25 miles of 10 major ski resorts. And skiing is just one of the things you can do on a snowy mountainside. Ever tried snow tubing? Or ski biking? Or driving a snow mobile? To be fair, these activities are exclusive to the winter months, but when it comes to fun, Denver is pretty hard to beat.

No matter what time of year, tourists of Seattle, Washington find themselves having most of their fun in a historic district known as Pike Place Market. This is where you’ll find the original Starbucks, Sur La Table and the famous fish throwing market. According to Seattleattractions.com it ranks as the oldest continuously operational market in the US at 105 years of consistent operation.

Trendy urban culture more your scene? Check out Pioneer Square, better known as PSQ to the locals. This is Seattle’s techy/urban epicenter of music, bars, culture, sports and art. Still bored? Jet over to the iconic Space Needle that towers a staggering 520 feet above sea level for a breath-taking 360-degree view of America’s beautiful Northwestern coast.


Advantage: Denver. Skiing versus coffee and flying fish? We’ll take skiing all day.


Educational: To determine the winner of this category we started by taking a peek at the US News’ National University Rankings of the best colleges. Coming in at number 52 is Seattle’s own Washington University. WU is a public school with an astounding student to faculty ratio (only 12:1!). By comparison, University of Denver is ranked at a respectable, yet distant 91.

Ever heard of Bill Gates? According to his Wikipedia page, the Mothers Club of his exclusive preparatory school in Seattle bought him and his classmates Teletype Model 33 ASR Terminal computers in the eighth grade. That’s when little Billy wrote his first computer code and was utterly fascinated by the results. If not for the emphasis on education in his town, Bill Gates may never have had the impact on the world of computer technology that he did, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this article right now.


Advantage: Seattle. Enough said.


American: What makes a great American city? We here at Feat love American history so a rich historical background is a must. Additionally, we’ll also consider the role that each city plays in the American scene today. Denver and Seattle have similar stories: they were settled in the 1850’s based on one major industry. Denver was founded due to a gold rush in 1858. Seattle was based on lumber mills in 1851. Both fought for railroads; Denver with the Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Company in 1867 and Seattle with the North Pacific Railway Company in 1883.

Which brings us to today. Denver is one of country’s leaders in public transit. They boast over 47 miles of light rail, something they call the T-Rex and the FasTracks to help commuters get around the vibrant metropolitan area without having to deal with traffic. And have you ever seen the size of the Denver Airport?

However, Seattle is home to more corporate headquarters than Denver. This means they have more big-time decision-makers, more innovators, more billionaires and more philanthropists. Want economic proof? Brookings international ranked Seattle the 15th best American city in recession recovery. Denver trailed at 33.


What a tight game!


Advantage: Denver. As previously mentioned, we here at Feat are history buffs. We’re proud of what Seattle is doing today, but Denver has the cooler historical background in our opinion. We love the gold rush because we feel it embodies the raw American spirit: adventurers risking their lives for the hope of prosperity (gold) and a better tomorrow. As a result, they created a really sweet town. A town that we would like to lead some fun, educational tours in!


Congratulations Denver, Colorado for becoming Feat Travel’s official 2014 Super Bowl prediction!


Other staff picks:


Steve, Co-Founder: 31-17 Denver

Erik, Director of Marketing: 24-14 Seattle

Chad: Co-Founder: 27-21 Denver

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